Hollywood peel treatment - The top level of skin beautification!

A youthful appearance with immediate cell renewal, thanks to the minimally invasive laser treatment.


Hollywood peel Debrecen

Fresh and fresh facial skin makes everyone more attractive and confident, and now you can quickly and easily lend yourself a younger appearance. According to opinions, Hollywood peel is one of the most effective skin quality-improving and cleansing treatments on the world market, which is also the perfect complement to our special treatments. Gentle-force, surface laser peeling is a pore-minimizing, astringent treatment that also has an anti-
inflammatory effect. During Hollywood Peel, we perform surface exfoliation using a unique carbon mask and top-quality laser technology. A radical laser treatment that is completely painless. Thanks to surface exfoliation, the procedure restores the glow of the skin, the charcoal mask cleans and tightens the pores, and removes blackheads.

Simple Hollywood peel

50 minutes / HUF 25,000

Treatment process:
The skin is cleaned, toned and then the carbon gel is applied. Then follows the laser
treatment, followed by the application of a mask suitable for the skin type. The treatment is
finished with sun protection cream.

Deluxe Hollywood peel

80 minutes / HUF 35,000

Treatment process:
The skin is cleaned, toned, and then a mild exfoliating acid facial treatment is performed with
the Hydra Beauty treatment machine (hydrodermabrasion). Then the carbon gel is applied to
the skin, followed by the laser treatment, followed by the application of the mask according to
the skin type. The treatment is finished with sunscreen.

Best of Hollywood peel

120 minutes / HUF 45,000

Treatment process:
The skin is cleaned, toned and then a mild acid-washing facial is performed using the Hydra
Beauty treatment machine (hydrodermabrasion). Then we apply the carbon gel to the skin,
and then we do the laser treatment. Afterwards, the skin is filled with regenerating active
ingredients which are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin using ultrasound. After a
muscle-stimulating face massage, we apply a mask suitable for the skin type. The treatment
is closed with a sunscreen.

Why choose Hollywood peel?

Are your pores large? Is your skin oily or acne-prone? Is your face all black or pimply? Thanks to the unique technology of the Hollywood peel treatment, it provides a solution to all problems.

Carbon can absorb oil and impurities from deep within the pores, after that, the laser light heats the carbon paste to the topmost stratum corneum of the skin, then it targets and destroys the carbon particles as they pass through the
treated area, taking with it the absorbed impurities and dead skin cells, blackheads and effectively exfoliates the skin. The result is softer, more radiant skin with reduced pore size and an even skin tone.

Skin renewal:
Charcoal exfoliation actively treats the surface layers of the skin, by gently stimulating collagen production under the influence of heat, thereby helping to maintain skin tension, and it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is perfect for soothing acne-prone skin. It is a safe and painless treatment for all skin types, regardless of age, and can be used at
any time of the year, even in summer.

The Carbon Peel, also known as the Hollywood Peel, is a peeling treatment that gives you instant radiance. Before the treatment, we will talk about what you are expecting from the treatment, whether it is worth combining it with other procedures for a spectacular but natural result. The treatments are performed by our qualified and experienced beauticians after detailed consultation. The first step is to cleanse and tone the skin, then apply the fine-grained carbon-powder gel to the cleansed skin. This is followed by laser treatment, whereby the carbon particles meet the laser light and "explode,, the tiny carbon powder penetrates the pores, where they minimize the symptoms of oily and problematic skin with an anti- inflammatory and sebaceous gland activity inhibiting effect. As an immediate effect, the pores are cleared, their size decreases, large pores shrink, the skin surface becomes smoother and more even. A gentle peeling follows the treatment, ensuring skin regeneration.

Regular use of the Hollywood peel treatment for our patients with normal skin has a collagen-stimulating, regenerating, skin-elasticizing effect. For our patients with skin problems reduces the formation of acne with scarring, the functioning of the sebaceous glands, and helps to form healthy horn formation. The treatment is characterized by immediately visible results and 100% safety. After the treatment, slight skin redness is experienced, which disappears after 30-60 minutes, and sunbathing is allowed 4-5 days after the treatment, until then the use of sunscreen is recommended.

Recommended intensity:

A procedure that can be performed at any time of the year, which can be performed weekly as an intensive treatment (3-4 treatments are recommended) but can also be used monthly as a supplement to the facial care routine, for less problematic skin, regardless of age group, and can also be combined well with other facial treatments.

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