Herbal massage

Herbal seal massage

50 minutes / HUF 17,000

During the herbal seal massage, in addition to the muscles and joints, special attention is paid to the respiratory tract and the skin. With the help of a warm steam herbal massage, spasmodic back pain can be eliminated, joint and muscle pain can be alleviated, inhaling the pleasant aroma has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, and thanks to the removal of toxins, the skin becomes more flexible and silky.


Herbal seal massage

What is herbal massage good for?

Do you want a good immune-boosting, allergy-relieving massage? Would you like your skin to be soft and velvety? The herbal massage is just for you!

What is herbal massage?

Knowledge of the healing effects of medicinal plants is as old as mankind. Herbal massage uses this ancient knowledge. For the massage, we use self-made balls containing herbs, called seals. Another name for this type of massage is therefore herbal ball massage.

We soak the seals in hot water, which causes the active ingredients to dissolve from the herbs. The massage is performed with a wet seal taken out of the hot water. In this way, the active ingredients exert their effect by reaching the skin and then via the blood circulation to the appropriate places in our body. And it gives very good warmth, refreshes blood circulation, and expands your pores. No wonder your skin will be especially beautiful afterwards!

herbal ball massage

How does the herbal ball massage work?

The specialty of herbal massage is, of course, the active ingredients of the herbs used. From the balls, all the water-soluble active ingredients of the herb are applied to your skin. While essential oils contain a few active ingredients in a concentrated form, this type of massage uses the widest spectrum of active ingredients. For this reason, herbal massage is the most natural, has a very good immune-boosting effect, and also relieves allergy symptoms.

Warm water also affects your skin differently than other oils and essential oils used in massages. While those substances lubricate and help the absorption of fat-soluble active ingredients, the water loosens your skin, as it were, returning you to our original natural medium, water.

What is herbal massage

The heat flowing from the balls is also transmitted by the water, which not only relaxes the upper layer of your skin, but also your connective tissue and muscles. These benefits of herbal massage are complemented by the massage technique based on Swedish massage, which relaxes your muscles, relieves stress, and calms you down.

How is the herbal seal massage performed?

First, the body parts to be massaged are smoothed over with warm massage oil and the muscles are loosened using aroma oil massage strokes. After that, we take the balls out of the hot bath and gently touch the body to get used to the warmth of the herbs.

After the balls have cooled down a bit, the massage becomes more intense, we massage with long smoothing movements moving towards the heart. The more they cool down, the more intense the pressure is. Then we put them back in the hot bath and while it warms up, we move on to the preparation of the next part of the body.

The time of the full body massage is approx. 50 minutes.

The herbal massage price can be found above.

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