Refreshing foot massage

30 minutes / HUF 10,000

A refreshing foot massage is an excellent way to calm the body and mind. This gentle and relaxing form of massage is particularly effective for refreshing stressed, tired legs. This treatment can help reduce tension, improve circulation and increase overall well-being. The refreshing foot massage is an excellent choice if you want to relax, recharge and renew after a long day!



reflex talp

Foot reflex zone massage

40 minutes / HUF 12,500

The foot reflex zone massage is a natural remedy, with the help of which the masseuse can enhance the body's self-healing processes. By massaging the sole, we achieve a general refreshing and regenerating effect. Professional foot massage also has a positive effect on the function of the internal organs. By stimulating the reflex zones on the soles, we can improve the blood supply, metabolism, and lymphatic circulation of the organs/tissues belonging to the zones.        


Detox foot massage

60 minutes / HUF 13,500

In this treatment, before the foot massage, we start with a highly detoxifying Detox foot bath, which promotes the detoxification of the entire body, thus enhancing the effect of the subsequent refreshing foot massage.

Foot massage helps to relax muscles and release tension, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. Massage effectively reduces leg pain and muscle tension, which often develops due to prolonged standing or excessive strain. The foot massage also helps to balance the nervous and hormonal system, thereby having a positive effect on the harmony of the body and soul.   



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