Lava stone massage

Hot Stone - lava stone massage

Hot Stone - lava stone massage

50 minutes / HUF 15,000

According to some sources, even the shamans of the ancient Hungarians used heated stones for healing. The modern lava stone massage is based on the same foundations: it provides calmness and complete relaxation. The meditative state and the caressing, warm feeling have a beneficial effect on the energy centers, the skin and connective tissues, as well as the muscles and your soul


Hot Stone - lava stone massage

Deluxe body massage

50 minutes / HUF 16,000

The primary purpose of the deluxe body massage is to relieve stress and create physical and mental balance in addition to relaxation. This special treatment is a combination of aromatherapy and the Swedish massage, which is most liked by our guests. The soft, delicate, extended and the more powerful, concentrated on a smaller area, movements that work the muscles alternately follow each other.


Deluxe body massage

Deluxe V.I.P body massage

90 minutes / HUF 19,000

For true connoisseurs! The Indian head massage included in the Deluxe body massage combines and enhances the energetic effect of the two techniques, providing physical and mental renewal.


Lava stone massage Debrecen - Get to know the world of Deluxe Day Spa

Do you have a lot of stress? Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you want to relax? Do you want to improve your blood circulation? The lava stone massage provides an ancient Hungarian solution to all of these. We also offer the traditional lava stone massage, as well as the lava stone massage with self-heating stones, which we used for the first time in Hungary. Try it, it will calm you down!

Where does lava stone massage come from?

The lava stone massage is performed with stones (basalt) from heated, ground volcanic lava flows. This type of massage has been used all over the world for at least 3,000 years. The ancient Chinese did it based on the meridian theory, and in India they placed the stones based on the theory of the chakras. But it was also used by the North American Indian and Old Hungarian shamans. The forerunner of today's sauna was the sweat hut ceremony. The shaman put volcanic stones heated on fire into the hole in the middle of the hut, then poured hot water over them, spreading the heat in the hut. After the stones cooled down to 40-60 degrees, the participants took them out of the hole and massaged themselves with the warm stones.

The modern lava stone massage was invented by Mary Nelson in 1993. Due to an injury, he was unable to massage with his hands, so he used heated stones. In the technique, she used both the meridian and the theory of chakras, and some elements of acupressure and aromatherapy.

Why is lava stone massage good?

As a result of stress, the body's muscles tense up and are stored in the muscle bundles as muscle spasms. The warm lava stones relax spasmodic back muscles and start the detoxification process, which is why it is also excellent for relieving muscle fever. The warm lava stones provide a very pleasant sensation during the massage.

lávaköves masszázs Debrecen központjában


  • For the circulatory system: it stimulates circulation, removes toxins, helps the cells replenish water, accelerates blood circulation, dilates blood vessels.
  • For the bone and muscle system: refreshes the tendons, helps to move the connective tissue - collagen and elastin production, softens the stuck tissue.
  • For the nervous system: calms the nervous system, ensures balance, ensures the renewal of nerve cells.
  • For internal organs: relaxes, removes bruises and detoxifies.

Despite all its beneficial effects, lava stone massage prices are not really high compared to the fact that it is a therapy that is worth spending time on. We also offer a 50-minute version for those who want to try this type of massage with a really good relaxing effect, but if you want to really relax, we recommend subscribing to the 90-minute version.

lávaköves masszázs exkluzív környezetben


It is recommended to use it as a course (min. 5 times), but even one treatment results in noticeable changes.

  • In case of general fatigue and chronic exhaustion,
  • for general relaxation in case of a stressful lifestyle,
  • in case of depression,
  • in the presence of digestive problems,
  • to reduce muscle pain in painfully tense, spasmodic muscles,
  • in case of a weakened immune system,
  • recurrent headache, in the context of general detoxification.


  • fever,
  • in the case of cardiovascular diseases,
  • in case of high blood pressure,
  • for lung and breathing problems,
  • in some liver and biliary diseases,
  • for urinary tract, bowel and intestinal system problems,
  • in the last trimester of pregnancy,
  • during menstruation.
  • Also in all cases when heat therapy is not indicated.

How is the lava stone massage performed?

The traditional lava stone massage is performed with cleaned, sun-charged stones. The stones are sent to the lava stone heater, where they reach a temperature of 40-60.

Massage your entire body with the stones, using massage oil. In addition to the Swedish massage techniques, the basis of our lava stone massage is the forearm massage smuggled from Lomi-Lomi.

After our guest's muscles are massaged and relaxed, the energized stones can come afterwards. This is how we can get to complete relaxation and fully experience the beneficial effects. First we massage the back, then the front. In a traditional lava stone massage, the stones are changed often because they cool relatively quickly.

You can also choose a massage with self-heating stones. This technique gives a different experience, and the advantage is that you don't have to change the stones, the connection and warmth are continuous.

What are self-heating lava stones?

The self-heating lava stone is the first massaging machine of its kind in the world. We are the first in Hungary to use this. An engineering masterpiece, handcrafted by professionals. The material is hand-polished Bian stone. Due to hand polishing and natural origin, each stone has a slightly different color, texture, contour and shading.

The stones have a high-performance lithium-ion battery, so they are ready to use in just three minutes. Their temperature can be adjusted and their operating time is up to three hours. We use these stones in a different way than traditional lava stones, since they do not cool down, we work with constant contact. Because of this, it gives a completely different experience. It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, provides a continuous heat and touch massage, and is silky soft and soothing to the skin.

Lava stone massage price

Lava stone massage price

The lava stone massage price depends on whether you want a 50- or 90-minute treatment and whether you choose traditional lava stones or self-heating stones.

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