Detox foot Spa

150 minutes / HUF 25,000

  • detoxe soaking
  • deluxe pedicure
  • refreshing foot massage

What happens to you during the treatment?

We don't like to bother with our feet much, we forget about them as if they are not as important as the rest of our body. However, our feet serve us tirelessly throughout our lives.

We become aware of it and it receives more attention from us when something is no longer right with it. Let's not wait until that happens! Let's love our feet and pamper them from time to time, because they deserve it! With our Detox foot spa treatment, we want to give your feet - and you - exactly this attention!

Detox foot Spa

In the first step…

we soak your feet in a very high concentration of dead sea salt water. Detoxification through the sole begins here. During your foot bath, we offer you green tea, which also has a positive effect on detoxifying your body.

In the second step…

beautifying your feet comes to the fore. Dead skin cells are removed with peeling, then the toenails are shortened and any hardened skin is polished off with a pedicure machine equipped with a special water spray. Afterwards, we hydrate your skin with a foot mask.

In the third step…

the beneficial foot massage will take place.

During the foot massage, the stimulation of reflex zones improves blood circulation and energy flow throughout the body, resulting in freshness and vitality.

It helps relax muscles and release tension, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Effectively reduces leg pain and muscle tension, which are often associated with prolonged standing or excessive strain.

The foot massage also helps to balance the nervous and hormonal system, thereby having a positive effect on the harmony of the body and soul.

Massaging the sensitive points and reflex zones increases the oxygen supply of the blood and the transport of nutrients to the tissues, thus improving the general health of the body.

The refreshing foot massage reduces the swelling of the legs, as it promotes the emptying of excess fluid and lymphatic circulation.

The relaxing effect of the massage improves the quality of sleep, helping with restful and regenerating sleep.


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