A real day spa experience in Debrecen

Beauty care, massage and wellness Debrecen

Experience the magic of wellness in the first day spa in Eastern Hungary!
Spa packages Debrecen
We refresh you from head to toe with our pampering treatments.
Massages, Debrecen
With our relaxing massages, we focus on physical and mental renewal.
We rejuvenate your skin and remove skin blemishes.
Hand and foot care Debrecen
We make your hands and feet soft and well-groomed.

Exclusive environment, spa atmosphere

At the Deluxe Day Spa, you are the focus of every moment.
With our soul caressing treatments, we take you on unforgettable "journeys" so that you can live a happier and more balanced life after leaving the day spa.
Spa Debrecen 20 years of high professional experience

What makes it different Deluxe Day Spa?

More than a massage - this is the spa.
In addition to our face, body, and hand and foot care treatments, we offer exclusive package offers and health care treatments.
Qualified employees
More than 30 types of massage
Instead of chatting, we listen to you
Anti-aging treatments
Complete revitalization
Cosmetics available for purchase

Massage therapies

from our tasting packages

Spa packages

from our tasting packages

Cosmetic treatments

from our tasting packages

Hand and foot care

from our tasting packages
They said about us
our satisfied guests
I had an eyelash lifting with Anett. She was very kind and super professional and the result is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!
H. Anna
Anna rating
Anett is a very kind lady with warmest care and demanding service. I do recommend her and I will definately come back to her. Many thanks Anett, excellent job. ❣️❣️
P. Andrea
Andrea rating
Had a great experience, Nori was so professional and kind throughout the procedure. Enjoyed every minute and absolutely worth it!!!
H. Sadaf
Sadaf rating
I had a very relaxing experience in deluxe day spa. Nóri was so kind, caring and so humble. The atmosphere was really good too. The place was so clean and the armoa in it was nice. Thanks for that wonderful experience 💖
A. Sulaima
Sulaima rating
Thank you very much, the atmosphere is very nice and relaxing. Nori was also very kind and welcoming and an expert in her job.
G. Orhan
Orhan rating

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Wellness massage Debrecen:

fully charged in a few hours

If you visit us, it's good to know that our wellness massage packages don't just consist of a simple massage, but of a carefully compiled program plan, of which you will be the center!

After relaxing in the Sunlighten detox sauna.
Our professional masseurs treat your tired body parts and soul so that your senses can go on a wonderful journey.
After that, we will move on to enhancing your beauty!

Debrecen Spa, one-day wellness Debrecen? We welcome not only local residents for a special recreation, but also those passing through!

Wellness masszázs Debrecen szívében


beauty day for women

Do you feel that you are caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life and you hardly have time for yourself?

Then choose our package called the beauty day for women, because it is also waiting for you next to the wellness massage packages! Discover the world of exclusive beauty care, where care and pampering are raised to a higher level than ever before!

Whether it's a facial treatment, or hand and foot care, our qualified helpers don't just perform a routine activity, they offer an exclusive experience - all in an intimate environment, where everything takes place for your comfort and satisfaction! After the magic of the Beauty Day for Women package, you can return to your usual routine completely recharged.

Szépség nap nőknek

Professionally trained

masseur Debrecen

Masseur in the city of Debrecen? We know that there are as many as the stars in the sky, but under the hands of the one who really turns the wellness massage into a real luxury experience, even less!

Krisztina Ada Magosányi studied various massage rituals in the most famous foreign hotels, where she also served an exclusive clientele. And when he returned home, he not only brought this wonderful atmosphere with him, but he wholeheartedly selected the qualified masseurs for his team, with whom, together, they can give you this feeling of life.

A qualified masseuse in the heart of Debrecen? You can easily choose the candidate you like in their appointment booking system!

Szakképzett masszőr Debrecen belvárosában

World class

massage salon in the heart of Debrecen

One vacation a year is enough for everyone, but why wait until you can recharge your batteries in a world-class salon, all in just a few hours? Debrecen massage!

Many years of foreign experience played a decisive role in the creation of the style, atmosphere and services of the Day Spa, so exclusivity and recreation go hand in hand with us!

Entering here, you can immediately immerse yourself in the calm atmosphere, and at the end of the treatment, you can return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life with new energy! Whether it's a relaxation or a refreshing massage, you can find the perfect pampering for you from nearly 20 different variations!

Világszínvonalú masszázs szalon Debrecen, Nagyerdő

Day Spa Debrecen:

our stress-relieving treatments

Do you find it hard to switch off? Then head to Spa Debrecen! Entrust yourself to our qualified masseuses and finally experience the concept of special attention and care! Thanks to our stress-relieving treatments:

Your muscles will relax, your tension will dissolve and the discomfort will slowly disappear
You can leave everything behind, as the feeling of peace of mind and tranquility will be guaranteed
You can finally leave our salon with renewed feelings!

Debrecen massage, Debrecen wellness! Such a boost not only has an immediate effect, but the feeling you can experience with us lasts for days and helps you get through the storm of everyday life!

Stresszoldó kezelések: Day Spa Debrecen


There is a place where the noise and rush of everyday life does not reach. Where your comfort and pampering come first. Where they take care of your health by caressing your soul. Where health-preserving wellness cosmetic and body treatments that are free from discomfort provide spiritual rejuvenation in addition to external renewal. Are you ready to experience it all?
Find yourself! Block out the outside world for a few hours, recharge and give yourself over to the day spa experience!
Treat yourself to a Deluxe Day Spa experience, and we will make sure that you leave relaxed, refreshed and a new person! We look forward to welcoming you every day of the week.
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