Do you want to get rid of your unwanted hair, but the memory of the pain still holds you back?

We at Deluxe Day Spa use Italwax.

Waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal procedure where hairs are removed from the root using resin. Of course, everyone thinks of the painful treatment that people don't like to subject themselves to. The basic concept and operating principle of Italwax is the same as that of wax, but hair removal with Italwax is a much gentler procedure than traditional waxing. Let's see why!

Not resin, but wax! How is Italwax different from traditional wax?

  • the wax does not break or tear
  • does not stick to the skin, does not pull the skin when removed
  • forms a film layer on the skin, thereby triggering a so-called sauna effect, which opens the pores and makes hairs come out much easier
  • due to its low melting point (approx. 37-42°C), it does not burn the skin
  • the hair does not tear into the follicle
  • no inflamed hair follicles after hair removal
  • it is almost painless, so it is particularly suitable for hair removal in sensitive areas
  • does not cause skin damage or skin damage
  • takes less time
  • due to its smaller material requirement, its application feels more pleasant on the skin
  • it does not contain pine resin, so even those who are sensitive to pine resin can safely use it
  • does not contain parabens, which are dangerous for the body
  • provides a more lasting end result

Hair removal area

Hair removal area


Half leg wax (until the knees)

HUF 7,000         Booking

Full leg wax       

 HUF 12,000          Booking

Half arm (until the elbows)

 HUF 7,500         Booking

Full arm wax

 HUF 9,800         Booking

‌Armpit wax ‌

 HUF 7,500         Booking

Bikini zone wax

 HUF 7,000           Booking

Chin or mustache wax

HUF 2,800             Booking

Full face wax     

HUF 5,500             Booking

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